The power of Quality Time

It's about quality, not quantity!

I love this picture of me and my Dad!!

When we were little, our Mom would get us showered and into bed and let us stay up until our Dad got home. (my brother’s bed was right next to mine).

We would wait anxiously to hear the front door open and hear his voice. And every night he’d peer his head into our bedroom and pretend to sneak up on us. The he would come in and attack us with hugs and kisses and spend 10 minutes of quality time with us before tucking us in.

When I look at this picture, I can still feel the joy and love I felt that day.

It got me thinking, the time you spend with the most important people in life really is about the quality, not the quantity.

My Dad worked a lot in those days so this was our only window to see him -those special moments with him were always magical.

Cherish the quality you have with your loved ones folks – they truly do have a lasting impact.


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