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In the past few  years I’ve learned one important thing –


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It’s so easy for life to get in the way of a good goal. Schedule the time in your calendar for your workouts, your meals for the week on the Sunday before. The more you schedule the easier it is to stay on track !

Accountability buddy

We do better when we have others holding us accountable – pick that friend that you know won’t let you excuse yourself out of your goal and check in with them daily !

Be prepared

Stock your fridge and pantry with healthy choices.  Put out your workout clothes the night before so it’s the 1st thing you see on the morning .. When you’re prepared you’re sending a message to your brain that this new change is here to stay !

Set Smaller Progress Goals Within your Resolution

Break down a big resolution goal into smaller daily and weekly goals that you can check those off as you achieve them !!

Celebrate Your Successes

Big goals too far in the future are hard to keep – instead celebrate the small successes along the way – 3 workouts this week instead of 5 ? Pat yourself on the back !!

Ate some chocolate on Wednesday but ate better this week then in December ?! High five yourself !

You got this my friends !! Keep those resolutions you made to yourself on Dec 31 !!

PS if anyone needs an accountability buddy – you know where to reach me .

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