Courage is contagious

Every time we choose courage we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver. ~ Brene brown

When my parents left their beloved Egypt they ended up in Holland – neither knew a word of Dutch but it was the only place they could go because my Mom had a Dutch passport.

To me, this picture  depicts courage. 

They were only in their mid 20s here . They had left their families and everything they knew. 

Were they afraid ? Of course. But they chose courage and made it through.

Without even realizing it .. Their courage to eventually come to Canada gave  us the courage  to always follow our hearts. 

Did you ever  notice it takes that one “crazy” person to break away from the crowd do to something everyone else is too afraid to do ? 

I’m not just  talking world scale courage .. 

Even the smallest, everyday  act of courage can create a ripple effect of change .

It could be as serious of standing up to a bully or as silly as dancing alone in a crowd .. eventually that crazy courageous person will be joined by 1 other person .. then another and another.

So give it a try .. tap  Into your courage  today .. and see what happens !!! 


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