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Hi, I’m Paola!

About 11 years ago, I picked up my first personal development book – and I was hooked!
My background is in broadcast journalism.
I spent years telling stories about everything from politics to entertainment – but I had never touched on mindset and personal growth.
The more I read, the more I grew, the more I grew, the more my perspective shifted and a whole new world began to open up!

That newfound mindset gave me the courage to walk away from my decades-long TV career and concentrate on my purpose – helping people step into their truest, most badass version of themselves.

As a mindset coach and motivational speaker – my passion is to help you crash though your self-imposed limits to get to your truest, brightest and most courageous self.  

What is holding you back from leveling up and going from good to great?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail ?

Let that sink in!

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Coach &

Since 2011 I’ve been coaching, mentoring and building teams in Canada and globally to tap into their ultimate potential and achieve success. 

I help people rewire their brains to achieve a high performance and winning mindset. Change your thinking, change your life.  I can teach you how to acquire a Bulletproof state of mind.

You get to define what success means to you.  Dig in and find it at any age.  Wake up feeling driven, connected and fulfilled!

During Covid, when the world shut down, I dug deep, channeled my winning mindset and I co-founded 100 Women Who Care Montreal. Our mission is to help raise funds for  small Montreal charities.  The speed, success and impact of  our work has been remarkable. 

I’m inspired by people’s stories and journeys.  I have the ability to  cut through the noise,  help you  tap into the highest version of yourself, and build the skills you need to get through any challenge or hurdle that comes your way.


Anchor, Show Host

My journalism career began in a newsroom in San Francisco.

After knocking on door after door after door I landed  my first job as an intern at CNN then at the local CBS and quickly landed my 1st on-air job.

After 4 years in Northern California, it was time to move  back home to Montreal and focus on Canadian news. 

As a reporter and producer for CBC–  I covered stories during one of the most tumultuous periods in Quebec’s history.

I moved over to Global News after having my two sons, where I  spent more than a decade working as a reporter, anchor and Morning Show Host honing my skills as an interviewer and storyteller.



When I walk on stage I’m all in – bringing a combination of energy & humour.

I’m all about no-nonsense straight-talk mixed with compassion and inspiration. 

My goal : To help you shift your mindset and lean into living your life with intention and purpose.  You will leave armed with new tools and totally pumped up! 

Work with Paola.


  • Align your Success with Meaning!
  • Have you reached "success" but feel like you're missing fulfillment, passion and meaning in your life?
  • I was there  - and I know what it's like to accomplish goals but still feel empty inside.
  • I found my purpose and I can help you find yours too! 
  • Feel invigorated, inspired and excited about what's to come!

Group Coaching

  • Focus on maximizing your potential. Build a richer, more fulfilling & optimistic life.
  • Remove the obstacles between you and your most authentic self.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs about money and success.
  • Develop techniques that will help rewire your brain to a growth mindset.

Hire Paola.


Infuse your audience with motivation.
  • Energetic and magnetic storytelling
  • non-profit, corporate, special events
  • live or virtual events

Coaching 1:1

Results driven.
  • One on one sessions
  • Action based for quicker results
  • Get the tools you need


Bring your event to life.
  • Move, inspire, engage your audience
  • non-profit, corporate, special events
  • live or virtual events

Fun Facts!

Going out as an intern to my first big natural disaster story: the Oakland, California fires of 1991. I realized at that moment the power of each person’s story and the strength of the human spirit when faced with the most heart-wrenching circumstances.

Getting to hear first-hand accounts of people’s stories and having the privilege of sharing them with the rest of the world.

Hot just-out-of-the-oven St. Viateur bagels!

My honeymoon – a 5-star month-long safari in Zimbabwe!

My two incredible boys!

Be Yourself.

Everyone else is already taken.

positive thoughts

The Power of Optimism

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Intentional planning

believe in yourself

You be You

courage to grow

Courage is Contagious

Be Fearless.

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